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A collection of ghost stories and ghost pictures collected from all over the world. Our aim is to share out fascination with ghost pictures and ghost stories with others and perhaps learn something together. We have also included some pictures from our collection of graveyard pictures, ghost town pictures and pictures of old and gothic churches.
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Graveyard Pictures

Graveyards have long been a fascination for us. After all, they tell the history of a community like no other place. Not being able to travel to all the graveyards in the world we have become collectors of graveyard pictures. We don't collect graveyard pictures to be overly morbid. It is more the case that we find the graveyard pictures allow us to appreciate the beautiful art work that goes into planning a nice graveyard and particularly the work that goes into the actual graves. Plus, the more people see the graveyard pictures the longer the memories of those resting in the graveyard will last. A good number of our graveyard pictures are of older graveyards simply because there appears to be the most visual difference between older graveyard pictures. Modern graveyards have a tendency to look a bit sameish but every now and then there is a modern graveyard picture that stands out.


boston graveyard picture

The snow really adds to this graveyard picture of Copp Hill graveyard in Boston. One of the oldest graveyards in the United States.









graveyard picture

We will be honest and say that we don't really know where the graveyard in this graveyard picture is located. However, when we saw the picture of the graveyard it just stopped us in our tracks and we felt it should be included.






graveyard picture


This beautifully framed graveyard picture is of a graveyard located in Burford, England.










western graveyard picture

A huge contrast from the graveyard picture above this is a graveyard in a ghost town in Terlingua, Texas. It isn't that often you see graves overgrown with cactus.









mosque graveyard picture


It is interesting to see graveyard pictures of graveyards from a wide variety of cultures and religions. This is a graveyard at a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.


graveyard picture


This is another graveyard picture where we are forced to admit we don't know the location of the graveyard. However, the setting was just so stunning it didn't feel right to leave it out.

historic graveyard picture


This is one of the most historical graveyards in the Untied States. It is located in Philadelphia and dates back to the colonial era. Having grown up in the Philadelphia area, I have walked by this graveyard a number of times and it is always worth stopping and having a look. This particular graveyard picture is of Benjamin Franklin's grave.

japanese graveyard picture


This graveyard picture is of a massive graveyard located in Japan. We couldn't even begin to count the number of graves just in the section alone and it is just one section of a massive graveyard.

japan graveyard picture


Another graveyard picture from Japan. This time of a temple graveyard in Kyoto.

new orleans graveyard picture


Simply a stunning grave yard picture, this is a picture of snow falling on a New Orleans graveyard.