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A collection of ghost stories and ghost pictures collected from all over the world. Our aim is to share out fascination with ghost pictures and ghost stories with others and perhaps learn something together. We have also included some pictures from our collection of graveyard pictures, ghost town pictures and pictures of old and gothic churches.
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Ghost Stories

Grandma's Room


Just a few weeks before my 19th birthday in April 1991, I moved in with my best friend "Lorraine." Lorraine lived with her grandmother in a three-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor of a large apartment complex called "The Celtics." I had known Lorraine throughout my high school years and we had grown very close. Lorraine's mother had gotten remarried and moved out the previous summer, leaving one empty bedroom. So, after having a falling out with my mother and stepfather, Lorraine's grandmother offered me the room so I moved in, agreeing to pay my share of the expenses.

After living with my boyfriend and his family for a week or so, after being forced to leave my home, I began packing my things. Lorraine would not be home until at least midnight the night that I moved in, so I was on my own to unpack once I arrived.

My boyfriend and I brought all of my necessities to the apartment around 8 the evening I "moved in." I had been in this apartment several times over the years and had even slept over periodically, but I had never been in this particular room before. It was the first of the three bedrooms, off to the left of the hallway just past the kitchen. Lorraine's mother had lived in this bedroom for a few months before she got remarried, but prior to that she had shared the bedroom farthest down the hall with Lorraine. I had always assumed that no one used that extra bedroom for the simple reason that there were several boxes piled up inside, and there really was no room to get in or out of it. Besides, Lorraine's bedroom was immense, so there was always enough room for her and her mother.

As I unpacked my things, and began placing clothes into the dresser draws, I remembered that Lorraine had told me that her family had lived in this apartment for quite some time. Lorraine's great-grandmother and great-grandfather lived in this bedroom. Her grandmother occupied the same room down the hall and to the right, and Lorraine's mother moved into the room at the far end of the hall after divorcing Lorraine's father. The great-grandfather passed away in the hospital when Lorraine was very young, so she grew up knowing only her great-grandmother. When I first entered the apartment a few years earlier, I had asked why no one used that room, and she said it was used as a storage room for everyone's belongings especially photo albums and such. Lorraine then went on to explain that her great-grandmother had lived in this room but that she had died when Lorraine was around 9 years old. I never thought to question the matter further because I had never thought that I would be living in that room someday.

Once my things were put away, I sat on the bed and listened to my radio for while, thinking about my mother and the problems we had been having. I was upset, being things as they were and cried for some time. Eventually, I reached in the center of the bed. The bed was comfortable, I remember thinking, and there was a gentle breeze coming in from the window. I liked this room, I thought. I had my own sink and toilet, which had been built into one the two closets, an overhead light as well as a soft yellow reading lamp, all the boxes were gone since Lorraine's mother moved out and it was pretty spacious. I felt as if everything was going to be all right - if I could just get over being kicked out of my own house.

I was in the realm between sleep and awake when I noticed my breathing changed. I could hear myself breathing heavily as if my asthma was about to kick in, yet my chest did not hurt. I felt the urge to open my eyes and get up to get a glass of water but I could not open my eyes. I was fully conscious, yet I could not command my eyes to open. I then tried to move my arms, but that too failed. Now, I was getting nervous. I began to wonder if I had died in my sleep. My arms were pinned at my sides, my legs felt like dead tree trunks and I was fully aware that I was lying in the center of the bed in my new home! My mind began racing, I tried to convince myself that I was dreaming, but I knew that I was not. Suddenly, I felt a crushing pressure against my chest, as if someone were holding me down against the bed.

I remember vaguely seeing an older woman's face and hearing the faintest voice. I struggled against the weight against my chest until I heard the voice say my name, then I stayed still. I was terrified! What the hell was going on? I wondered. Then, the words "everything will be okay...just do not open your eyes," came into my head. It was a voice, but more like the voice you hear in your head when you are thinking to yourself. I wanted to open my eyes, but fear told me not to. Now, there was a voice in my right ear, telling me "I will watch over you, do as I say and don't open your eyes." I felt myself perspiring. Then, my eyes opened. The overhead light was on and Lorraine was standing in the doorway smiling at me! For a brief moment, I though that I had been dreaming, and that Lorraine had been talking to me and that THAT is what I had heard. I asked Lorraine, "How long have you been standing there?" and she replied, "I just opened the door this second, why?" That is when I noticed that she still had her jacket on and the keys to the apartment were still in her hand. She went on to tell me that she had just walked in the door and wanted to see if I was awake.

I invited her to sit on the bed next to me and I told her what had happened. Lorraine looked at me oddly and said that I must have been dreaming. I asked her several times if her great-grandmother had died in this room and she insisted that she had died in the hospital.

A few days later, after doing my laundry, I put the overhead light on and was standing near the edge of the bed and I noticed on the wall way above the headboard was some plaster that was peeling off the wall. I had not noticed it before, primarily because I do not think I had ever stood at the foot of the bed and looked up at the wall. The shape of the plaster was the silhouette of an old woman . . . I could plainly see the nose, the drooped mouth, the double chin and the puff of hair above the forehead. ALL the hairs on my entire body stood on end when I saw this! I called out to Lorraine and asked her what she saw. In a very normal voice, Lorraine said that the silhouette looked like her great-grandmother and that the paint had peeled like that after she had died. Lorraine pulled out a photo album and showed me several pictures of her and sure enough, it was the face I had seen in my "dream".

Nothing much else happened to me to make me "nervous" during the three months I lived there. Yet, I remember feeling safe and secure during my stay. I was happy, I got offered a great job from out of the blue and I found a wonderful, affordable apartment the first time I looked! Someone watched over me? I think so for one simple reason . . . Lorraine's grandmother passed away a year after I moved out and Lorraine was devastated. She too had to find her own apartment which she did successfully. Once she was settled in, she came to my apartment and we talked for awhile. Lorraine said to me, "I did not want to tell you this, but my great-grandmother did die in that room you know."