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A collection of ghost stories and ghost pictures collected from all over the world. Our aim is to share out fascination with ghost pictures and ghost stories with others and perhaps learn something together. We have also included some pictures from our collection of graveyard pictures, ghost town pictures and pictures of old and gothic churches.
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Death Mask Pictures

Death masks are wax or plaster castings taken of a person's face soon after their death. Death masks have been a matter of practice from as early as ancient time and making death masks was routine until the late 19th century when photography took over in popularity. However, some death masks were still made in the 20th century and are made to this day. Death masks were sometimes used as a way to identify the dead and at other times the death masks were used as a way to remember the dead person or to use as a way to build their memorial on their grave. Death Masks usually involve the eyes of the deceased being closed but in a few rare exceptions the eyes are left open. We have collected a number of death mask pictures of well known people throughout history.


death mask


This is the death mask of Max Reinhardt.




death mask


This is the death mask of Christian theologian, John Wesley.




Hitchcock death mask

One of the more modern death masks in our death mask picture collection. This is the death mask of film director Alfred Hitchcock.




napoleon death mask


This is a bronzed copy of Napoleon's death mask. Napoleon's death mask is one of the most talked about by those who have an interest in such items.




masy queen of scots death mask


You will notice that most of the pictures of death masks that we have been able to find are of men. However, this is a clear exception. This is a death mask of Mary, Queen Of Scots that was made not long after her execution.


shakespeare death mask


Even the bard had a death mask made when he passed away. This is the death mask of William Shakespeare.

death mask


This is the death mask of the poet John Keats.

death mask



This death mask is that of Thomas Paine.

beethoven death mask


This is the death mask of composer Ludwig van Beethoven.