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A collection of ghost stories and ghost pictures collected from all over the world. Our aim is to share out fascination with ghost pictures and ghost stories with others and perhaps learn something together. We have also included some pictures from our collection of graveyard pictures, ghost town pictures and pictures of old and gothic churches.
ghost stories
Ghost Stories

Condemed Building


When I was 24 I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. He had signed a lease for this place without me looking at it. It's a place I would have never picked. This building had 16 apartments and only one on the first floor was occupied. The landlord told us that the building had been condemed at one time and that he was fixing up the apartments one by one.

My boyfriend and I fixed up the place, we tore up the carpet and painted all the rooms. It was clean and liveable, but not much more. We'd lived there for a month or two, when my boyfriend had to leave for two weeks to report for duty with the National Guard. I was left alone.

One afternoon I jumped in the shower and my boyfriend had put a can of shaving cream on the side of the tub. While shaving my legs I accidentally knocked the can off onto the old marble floor. I heard the can roll across and hit the wall. I thought nothing of it and went about my business. I shut off the water and grabbed my towel. When I stepped out, I looked down and that can was sitting upright in the middle of the doorway. Funny thing about that is that there is a small raised piece of marble that it would have had to roll up? Didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't figure out how it got there, but I didn't think too much of it.

The next day I was getting ready to go into my apartment and looked down the hall I could see a light on underneath the door of another apartment. I knew no one lived there. It being broad daylight, I wasn't too afraid. I walked down and the door was unlocked. I walked in and the place was disgusting. In the bathroom someone had taken red paint and wiped it all over the walls and mirror, there were old clothes thrown all over the floor and I found a box of old albums.

I started to dig through the box to see if there were any worth keeping. I came across one that had writing all over it. I started to read through it and it said things like, "He's watching me I can feel it." "He's going to kill me, I have to hide from his eyes." Just a lot of strange things most didn't make any sense at all. This was a little too weird for me.

I left to go for a bike ride. I came back and got in the shower, I was sitting there looking at that can thinking, "What if I knocked that off and opened the curtain and it was sitting in that same place." So I knocked it off, heard it roll, finished my shower. When I opened the curtain I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There it sat upright in the same place. Maybe this was all coincidence, but it really freaked me out, the whole place, those other apartments. I put on my clothes and left, no make up, didn't even dry my hair. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I never saw or heard anything else, but I moved out within a month.